Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November Meeting

The Long Island MQG is pleased to host Deborah Fisher of Fish Museum & Circus at our November meeting.  All are welcome to attend.

Guest Speaker & Trunk Show Deborah Fisher of:    

      Fish Museum & Circus

About Deborah Fisher

Deborah Fisher is the author of Sew Fun (Interweave, 2013) and Quilt Giving (Fons & Porter, 2016). She is the director of the Bright Hopes Collaborative Quilt Project and of Bo Twal, a non-profit international doll project. Find out more about her projects at and @fishmuseum on Instagram


Bring in your latest project to share with the group. 


We will have a door prize as well as a Raffle prize to give away. Raffle tickets are $1 for one or $5 for 6.

Monday, October 23, 2017

October Meeting Recap

Charity Quilting


Thank you Long Island MQG members!  I received an abundance of blocks on such short notice! I received enough blocks to make a quilt for the first responders and victims of the Las Vegas Tragedy.
I will keep you updated as the blocks come together!

Medallion Quilt 2016-17

Several medallion quilts that were pieced as round robins are coming together into beautiful, finished quilts.  The first one to be completely quilted was pieced together by several members, one border at a time.  Carol was kind enough to take it and sew the binding on.  

Show and Share

Several members have been busy piecing and quilting. Check out some of the blocks and quilts that were created:
Colleen: Super Sewer

Janet: Lunch Time Piecing

Janet: Lunch Time EnglishPaper Piecing

check out the beautiful piecing!

Kim:  RJR Fabric Challenge

Nancy: Sugar Skull Quilt...Front


Nancy: Front

Nancy: Fabric: Alison Glass's Diving Board

Member mini workshop: 

Clamshell Quilt & Curved Pieccing

Susan was our first member to demonstrate a skill to the LIMQG members...
Susan brought in her clamshell quilt last year and everyone admired it!  So she deicide to demonstrate how she put it together.
She cut out the clam shells with her AccuQuilt 8" clamshell die. She was able to print out the remainder of the templates from designer Latifah Saafir on
Piecing curves is daunting, but Susan lead us through her technique and made it seam doable!

Thanks so much for sharing your quilt and sewing techniques!

Matching up clamshells prior to piecing.

Curved piecing with just a few pins. 

Flanged Binding Mini Workshop

Colleen demonstrated how she creates flanged binding on her quilts.

This technique uses two narrow complimentary fabric strips to make the binding strip. The main fabric is 1.5" wide, flange fabric is 1.75.  Sew them together with a 1/4" seam to form one binding strip.  Then press with wrong sides together along the length, matching raw edges.
Sew the binding on to the back of your quilt (using a 1/4" seam) with the flange fabric facing up.
When finished sewing the binding to the back of the quilt, press binding towards the front of the quilt. The flange fabric will be slightly visible on the front. Stitch in the ditch between the flange and the main fabric.
Thanks so much for sharing your flanged binding technique

Flange fabric (grey) & Main fabric (stripe)
Flange slightly visible.

Next Meeting:  November 15

November Meeting Highlights

Guest Speaker & Trunk Show Deborah Fisher of:    

      Fish Museum & Circus

Saturday, October 14, 2017

October Meeting

October 18th Meeting

Member spotlight...

We will be having our first member led workshops at this meeting.

  • Susan will show us how she create this lovely clamshell quilt.

  • Colleen will demonstrate her creative binding technique


The Las Vegas MQG has asked for donations of quilts and quilt blocks. These quilts will be given to the first responders and victims of the tragedy that happened in their city two weeks ago.

We will be collecting 10" finished quilt blocks in the Grayscale Pattern for the Las Vegas Charity quilt that we will be donating to the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild.  

Check out their blog post for more information: #quiltsforvegas

The guild would also like one heart block to be inserted into the quilt made from The Grayscale Quilt Block. Here is a suggested block setting:

Raffle Prize

We have the best raffle prizes this year!

Show and Share

Bring in your latest project to share with the guild!  

November Meeting Highlights

Guest Speaker & Trunk Show Deborah Fisher of:          Fish Museum & Circus

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Meeting Recap

Welcome Back Members

Our first meeting on the 2017-18 year got off to a great start.  Kim started off the meeting by welcoming us all back for another great quilting year.  She also helped us to welcome or newest members:  Nancy and Sharon.
This year we will have a few member lead mini workshops. There will be a wide array of techniques that fellow members will share at upcoming meetings.  Kim also announced that we will have a few guest speakers at our upcoming meetings.  The board has been busy planning over the summer.

 MGQ QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt Challenge.

Mario and Lorraine will be heading up our charity quilt this year. A few members have volunteered to join together to participate in the 2018 QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge.
This challenge has a few parameters. The quilt design should follow the 2018 theme set forward which is: Modern Traditionalism.  The quilt must follow a certain color palette: 

Color Palette

Mario will be working in E-Quilter to design the quilt using nautical flags. Members will help make the blocks and sew them together and then finish the quilt.
Once the quilt is complete we will send it off to QuiltCon 2018 in Pasadena, California to be put on display at the conference. 

We will then donate the quilt to a charity that we have chosen: Camp Good Grief, East End Hospice.

 It will be an interesting charity quilt to work on.

Mario's Nautical Idea with fabric form color palette.

Rainbow Mini Challenge Swap

Check out all the beautiful quilts that were made by or members:




Colleen...made two mini's













Show and Share

Nancy shared a couple of  quilts that she has been working on over the summer:
Front of quilt

Back of Quilt

Nancy's Christmas Tree Shirt
Karen's Row By Row quilt was made from different quilting patterns that she collected this summer at various quilt stores in New York, Florida, New Hampshire and Montana.
Karen's "Row By Row on the Go" Quilt
 The bag Julie created was from a Quilters Take Manhattan Challenge. She bought QTM themed fabric on Spoonflower and created this lovely bag.  She modeled this bag at QTM held on September 16.
Julie's QTM bag

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.