Friday, May 29, 2015

May meeting recap

If you weren't able to attend the May meeting, here's what you missed!

Marsha Schulmann presented her fussy-cut English paper piecing method - with a modern twist. She demonstrated her entire process from selecting fabrics, choosing templates, glue basting pieces and how she makes her tiny little perfect stitching to create these amazing pieces.
Her work is precise, perfectly neat, and beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiring presentation, Marsha!

We also elected a new Board for the next two guild years (September 2015- June 2017). The new board members are as follows:

President: Mary Crisafulli
Vice President: Karen Wooley
Treasurer: Marie Barker
Secretary: Lorraine Lucas
Programming: Carol Krottendorfer
Membership: Janet Coe
Hospitality: Madeline Ratkus
Communications/IT: Kim Soper

Congratulations to all of our new board members, we are looking forward to all that's to come!  And a huge thanks to our outgoing board for all that you've done to get our new guild off the ground and running! 

Finally, just a reminder to get your scraps and snacks ready for June 16th! We will be having an end of the year party as well as a scrap exchange. Bring a quart-sized plastic bag stuffed with scraps and a piece of paper with your name inside the bag. Over the summer you will be making an IMPROV project with scraps for the person whose bag you choose. We'll swap projects at the first meeting after the summer break!

That's all for now. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

May Meeting

Hello, Ladies!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful spring weather! We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening at Pieceful Quilting for the May meeting! Here's what to expect:

  • Marsha Schulmann will be giving a presentation on her fussy cutting method of English Paper Piecing. Her work is intricate and gorgeous, and you will love hearing about her process!
  • Voting will take place for 2015-2017 Executive Board officers. If you are interested in one of the positions below, please email Carol at to let her know. 
  • Please remember to bring your BOM, charity blocks and items for show and share.
The following is a description of the Board positions that are available. Please remember to let Carol know if you are interested!

  • Primary function is to see to the smooth running of the entire guild. Organization is necessary, follow through a must. Having the time for this position is essential. There is a lot of phone and/or e-mail work involved. The President presides at all Board meetings, Executive Sessions, and Membership meetings.
  • The President is assisted by the Officers of the Executive Board. This Board consists of the: Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, Membership, Communication, Hospitality, Programs, and Fundraising
  • Conducts a board meeting with all committee heads as needed…monthly is preferred. The President must have a working knowledge of all activities being done by all of the committees.
  • Before Board and Guild meetings prepare agenda to be discussed and review committees to see if they need to discuss anything. Check on committees and make sure they are sticking to their deadlines and offer help and advice, as needed.

  • The Vice President attends and participates in all Board meetings, and presides in place of the president, as needed.
  • The President and Vice-President should get to meetings a few minutes early to make sure that all necessary preparations are made for the meeting. 

  • A member of the Executive Board, who is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records of the minutes of the General and Executive Board meetings. 
  • Additionally, it is important that any time there is a vote of the general membership, such as when the bylaws are amended, that these votes also be recorded. If bylaws are amended, then the amendment should be included in an updated and notated version of the bylaws, referencing the specific meeting at which the change occurred.
  • Minutes of the Executive Board are sent to the Communications Director to send to the membership.

  • The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Guild.  
  • The Treasurer collects and deposits all monies received for the Guild into LIMOD's checking account. A second signature must be obtained by the President or Vice President.  President, VP and treasurer also have debit cards. The bank will mail future bank statements to the incoming treasurer's home.
  • The Treasurer pays all expenses incurred by the guild.
  • The Treasurer has possession of the checkbook and is responsible for reconciling the bank statement each month.
  • The Treasurer must keep a complete record of all receipts and expenditures.
  • All receipts and bank statements are to be kept in a neat file for easy access by future officers. For tax purposes, receipts should be saved for 3 years.  

  • Provides refreshments at monthly meetings. Enlists volunteers for refreshments and purchases supplies. Arrives early (6:30-7:00) to do this.
  • Sets up refreshments and does clean up. Transports paper goods and supplies from meeting to meeting. Needs to have sign up sheet for refreshments. Call to remind people about the refreshments in reasonable time to prepare them. 

  • The Membership year runs from July 1st through June 30 of the following year.
  • The Membership Chair Person(s) manages the membership list, collects dues and other membership related fees, provides guild information to members, and provides member information for guild related activities. This is a Board Position and you should attend the Board meetings.

  1. Prepares and processes membership forms and collects dues.
  2. Greets members, takes attendance and collects guest fees at meetings.
  3. Prepares member name tag kits.
  4. Solicits members to act as sponsors for new members.
  5. Publishes membership list.
  6. Contacts stores for membership discounts.
  7. Provides mailing list and labels.

  • Description: This is a 2 year job since developing the programming must be done the year before the meetings in order to assure the availability of speakers. The goal of this job is to provide a varied and interesting content to the meetings during the year and offer workshops for the members. When someone takes on this job they should work with the current person doing programming to understand how to contact potential speakers, set up workshops and other related duties.

  • Responsibilities:

  1. Contacting potential speakers and checking their availability
  2. Once a decision is made to hire a speaker, you must create the contract and get a signed copy from the speaker. 
  3. Send copy of contract to treasurer for guild file.
  4. Make sure that the cost of the speakers, including travel and hotel are within the programming budget for the year. 
  5. Introduce the speaker at the meeting or ask someone else to do this.
  6. Make sure you know at least a week in advance what equipment the speaker will need.
  7. Notify treasurer ahead of meeting regarding speaker/workshop payments.
  8. The budget is to be kept to unless approved by the board.
  9. Select and Introduce the BOM for the guild and any other activities that guild will do besides speakers.  
  10. Coordinate with the Fundraising chair for guild activities

  • Writes articles for the blog and facebook as needed to keep guild informed. 
  • Communicate meeting dates and information about upcoming events.  
  • Post pictures of guild meetings and promote use of our Instagram account.   
Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night!