Past Years' BOM

2014-2015 BOM

This year's BOM will be a tutorial from the blog: In Color Order (  Click on Block of the Month or look in the tutorials section of the blog. Below is the direct link.

  We will start with September's block and go from there.  Make your blocks in any color/fabric you'd like (look at the color values in the finished quilt for inspiration.  Bring in your finished block each following month to show.

HST Block of the Month: September by Jeni Baker

In addition, we will be doing a charity BOM.  If you wish to participate, each month, the same BOM (above) will be made in a specific color way that will be given to you.  For September, the charity block must be made in Medium Gray/Red/White (Gray outside triangles, Red middle trapezoids, and White background). Please use saturated (rich) colors and contemporary fabric: solids or prints.  Each participant will be entered into a raffle.  Depending on the number of participants, there may be more than one winner.  If there are not enough participants, the blocks will be saved until year end, to combine to make a scrappy charity quilt.  The winner(s) of the raffle will get blocks that month to be sewn into a quilt (on their own time schedule) and donated to their chosen charity.  The winner(s) will explain what charity they are going to donate their quilt to.  They will also take a photo of the quilt, when it's finished, to share.

2013-2014 BOM

Karen Haggquist and Gilma Simeone, our program co-chairs are running the Block of the Month for LIMOD. All blocks will come from Gen X Quilters website and their Quilt Block Gallery. There will be two blocks per month for the total of 12 blocks. All blocks will measure 12.5".
The blocks are yours to keep, so make them in colors of your choice. For each block you bring to the meeting, you will get a chance to win a half yard of fabric. There will be one chance for each block you bring in, for the maximum of two chances per month.

Please click on the name of the block to be taken to the tutorial.
#1 - Cross Block
#30 - Stacked Block
#49 - Bow Tie
#18 - Wonky Star
#46 - Rainbow Starflower
#183 - Cross Roads
#39 - Sliced Scrappy
#295 - Flock of Half Square Triangles
#265 Broken Harringbone
#146 Radiant Ring (Paper Piecing)
#180 Rolling Stone
#145 - Color Wheel
#271 - Wonky Log Cabin



  1. What are the blocks for May since the meeting was cancelled what blocks will be due for May?

    1. Dear Victoria,
      I have just posted the blocks. Sorry for the delay.
      (Tasha-blog admin)


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