March 21, 2018
Click on this link to download the supply list for English Paper Piecing Workshop:  


  1. I recently saw some of your lovely work at the Nest in the Northport. I am not a quilter but a craft person that does handbags and I'm looking for someone to help with the sewing. It would be part time and they would be able to work at home. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is interested...please contact me at 917-463-9600. I am located in Commack. Many Thanks, Alexis

  2. The presentation done by Mario, Kim and Coleen was a huge success. Thanks to all the quilters who shared their quilts with LIQS. Our members were excited and inspired by the work of your members. We hope our guilds can work together to support the growth of quilting on Long Island.
    Pat Roaldsen and Marie Martin co-presidents of LIQS


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