Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello Friends!
Just as a reminder for tonight's meeting:
- Charm Swap projects are due! Bring in your submission for the Solid Charm Swap Challenge so that it can be photographed for online voting!

- LIMOD is now on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/longislandmodern
Feel free to visit and like our new page, share ideas, ask questions, etc.  Get comfortable with the page, because this is where we will be voting on the Charm Swap challenge submissions. You will be able to "Like" all of your favorites!

- This month we will be bringing our Works in Progress (WIPs) to work on at the meeting. Bring your machines and anything you need to work on a project. You will be able to get input from fellow members and share your latest WIPs. Don't forget to bring extra long extension cords if you have them!

- If anyone has any pillowcases from last month's meeting, please bring them to tomorrow's meeting so that they can be donated.

- Don't forget your Block of the Months and your name tag to be eligible for prizes!

I think that covers everything!

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