Friday, March 4, 2016

march meeting.

hello, again! The march meeting is comin' atcha like a lion! Here's what we've got planned for you this month:

- BOM:  Carol will also have this month's block ready to demonstrate and will answer any questions anyone might have on the construction of prior months' blocks. How's your skill builder BOM coming along? Are you getting to the point where you have to start thinking about your layout -- but don't know where to start? Well, we're here to help.

- Presentation on Off-The-Grid Quilting: We're going to make the process of creating an off-the-grid layout easy-peasy by showing you examples of quilts that were constructed using this method. We'll break it down for you so that you will be assembling those mixed-size BOM blocks like a pro in no time!

Upcoming Challenges: We touched on these at the last meeting. But there was a slightly lower than usual turnout (probably due to the changed week) so we will go over the challenges again, and get you all thinking about how you're going to approach these upcoming projects.

- Show and Share: We will have lots of time to show what we've been working on. Feel free to bring works-in-progress to share, too! It's always fun to see each other's work and get inspired!

- Raffle: tickets will be available for this month's destash basket. Bring your dollars!

See you all on the 15th!

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