Monday, August 1, 2016

Sew in for Charity: Quilts for Pulse

     Our first Sew-In was a huge success! We had a great time sewing 10" heart blocks in various colors for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's #quiltsforpulse.  We had plenty of yellow, red, and purple heart blocks but were running short on blue, orange and green. No worries, we quickly pieced together blocks in the colors we needed and started to "design" our quilt tops.  We had enough blocks to make 3 quilt tops.  Karen and Mary will turn two of the quilt tops into finished quilts thanks to the generous donation of batting, backing and binding! The third quilt top, along with the extra 10" heart blocks, will be sent to the Orlando MQG separately.  They will be used by the OMQG in combination with other donated blocks to create even more quilts!
 Thanks to all you volunteered for the event, you made it a HUGE success!

 We created a few rainbow colored heart blocks to add interest to the quilt tops.

Mary creating a layouts for quilt top #1 & # 2
Quilt top #2
Quilt top # 3

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