Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Meeting Recap

Our first meeting of the year was held last Wednesday night and it was a success.  We met at our new location: The Art League of Long Island, pictured below.

 We have a full year of creativity ahead of us!

The medallion quilts were shown off to a fantastic audience of new and returning members!  10" of border seemed like a lot to add to a single block, but the results were fabulous. Refer back to June 2016 blog post to view the original medallion.

Check out the medallions :

Mario (center) and Carol (border)

Lorraine (center) and Amy (border)

Kim (center) and Susie (border)

Stella(center) and Mario(border)
Mario (center) and Lorna (border)

Julie (center) and Janet (border)

Amy (center) and Lorraine(border)

Susie (center) & Madelyn (border)

Elise (center) and Julie (border)

Madelyn (center) and Karen (border)
Carol (center) and Elise (border)

Karen (center) and Stella (border)

Janet (center) and Kim (border)

One of our newest members, Susan, has created this unique center for the Medallion Challenge. She plans on adding a 10" border to catch-up with the rest of the group!

So the next round of the Medallion quilts will be an 8" border on all 4 sides. This will be due at the November 16 meeting.  That gives us plenty of time to design and create a unique modern border.  Good Luck!

Show and Share

There were a few people that shared what they have been working on over the summer.  Remember to bring in some of your quilts and /or projects to show and receive an extra door prize ticket!!

Mario designed a special quilt for the "Quilts for Pulse" charity. Since the deadline for sending the quilts was in early September, he couldn't show us the actual quilt.  Great job Mario!

Irene designed a small quilt for a challenge that she was participating in.

Karen displayed her quilt that she made from the Row By Row Experience patterns that she gathered from her travels to quilt shops over the summer. 

Julie made two quilts that look as good from the front as they do from the back!  Good idea to create a pieced backing fabric that uses up some of your left over blocks and/or stash fabric.                      

October 19 Meeting


Name tags!    So lets get those creative juices flowing, and design a name tag out of fabric that speaks to who you are as a quilter.  Are you Modern? Do you like to paper or improv piece? Do you like muted or bold colors?  Rainbow or Random colors? You decide on the technique and the colors that speak to you as a quilter and create a name tag. There is no size limit.


Modern Quilter that inspire you.
Bring in some examples through pictures or your own work of modern quilters that inspire you.  


  1. Happy to have found you! I'd love to know where and when you meet. I live on LI, although currently in Florida for the winter. I'd like to attend a meeting when I return.

    1. Mary can you please send your email address to: We need to contact you about the upcoming Denyse Schmidt workshop. Glad you will be joining us! Thank you.

    2. My email is:


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