Saturday, January 7, 2017

January Meeting

Happy New Year!  2017 will be the best quilting year ever!

The next meeting will take place on January 18, 2017. 

Theme:  Holiday Celebration

We will be celebrating the holiday season this meeting by bringing a savory or sweet food to share with our group. Also, for those of you who signed up for the holiday swap, please bring in your wrapped gift.

During the meeting we will be sharing a tool, trick or tip with the group. Think about a special tool that you use to create the a quilt block or a tip that will makes your quilting easier.  Did you find an easier way to create a perfect point? Think about a tip, trick or tool to share with us!

As always we will be having Show and Share. Bring in some recent projects that you are working on, either finished or unfinished. 

REMINDER:  The final round of the medallion quilts are due at the February Meeting on 2/15/2017.  The final border is  4".  

Here are a few pictures from the December Meeting:

Things to Bring:  

  1. Holiday gift for the swap (if you signed up)
  2. Savory/Sweet food item to share
  3. Show and Share Project
  4. Tip, Trick or Tool to share

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