Saturday, October 14, 2017

October Meeting

October 18th Meeting

Member spotlight...

We will be having our first member led workshops at this meeting.

  • Susan will show us how she create this lovely clamshell quilt.

  • Colleen will demonstrate her creative binding technique


The Las Vegas MQG has asked for donations of quilts and quilt blocks. These quilts will be given to the first responders and victims of the tragedy that happened in their city two weeks ago.

We will be collecting 10" finished quilt blocks in the Grayscale Pattern for the Las Vegas Charity quilt that we will be donating to the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild.  

Check out their blog post for more information: #quiltsforvegas

The guild would also like one heart block to be inserted into the quilt made from The Grayscale Quilt Block. Here is a suggested block setting:

Raffle Prize

We have the best raffle prizes this year!

Show and Share

Bring in your latest project to share with the guild!  

November Meeting Highlights

Guest Speaker & Trunk Show Deborah Fisher of:          Fish Museum & Circus

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