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There are a lot of talented members in our guild!  The show and share section of our meeting is my favorite.  Members display their creativity, charity,  and workmanship.  
Mario makes beautiful stockings that will be auctioned off for a charity. His stockings show his creativeness and sewing skills. 
Nancy's guitar block was creative and FUN.  Colleen's whimsical "Super Sewing" machine is awesome!  Susi's AntiTrump quilt showed how to incorporate improv piecing into your quilt design. Carol also demonstrated her take on improv piecing. Hope she turns this sample block into a finished quilt. Lorraine has been working on a quilt that she started at a class she took @ QuiltCon 2017.  Color placement is wonderful.


Guest Speaker: Deborah Fisher

What a wonderful treat to have Deborah Fisher at our meeting.  She told us two stories of her life in the quilt and ceramics world.  She brought several quilts that she received and created to illustrate her quilt story.  She also brought in samples of her ceramic creations that help to illustrate her ceramics story. 

Story One:
Her first introduction into the the quilt world was in the 1970's.  She watched her mother create quilts from sandpaper templates.  

Then she went off to college and grad school and earned a BFA and MFA. She was is a fine artist, and studied fine textiles and mixed media.

 She received a quilt from her husband's aunt (self taught quilter) for their wedding. She took this quilt with her on the 3 month residency program she began at The John Michael Kohler Arts Center in 2003. Once she placed this quilt on her bed, she got a sense of home.

She wanted to give others the same feeling of "home" that she felt when she placed the well loved quilt on her bed. 
She started a quilt charity organization with her mother called Bright Hopes Collaborative Quilt Project.  Her organization makes one-of-a-kind quilts for children living in foster homes and homeless families living in shelter

 She wrote a book entitled Quilt Giving.
  Here a few quilts from this book

Deborah is also involved in creating Softies.  She often participates in a Sew Softie Challenge sponsored by Trixi @ Coloured Buttons By Trixi

Go to Deborah's blog post to see the pencil softie that goes along with this "Notebook Paper" quilt:

Story Two

Accidental Ceramicist
Deborah's father retired and took up furniture making and ceramics.  He asked her to join him in a ceramics class at the Art Center of Long Island.  Her life as a ceramicist began.  She started to create one of a kind animal pin cushions, sewing boxes and magnetic pin dishes.   

Next Blog Post

The next blog post will contain information about our next meeting on December 20 2017
Until then, Happy Quilting!

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