Monday, May 2, 2016

may meeting announcement.

Hello, Everyone!

Photo courtesy of Melanie Tuazon

Happy May! We have a fantastic meeting planned for you this month! Guest Speaker, Melanie Tuazon will be here!

Photo courtesy of Melanie Tuazon

You may be more familiar with Melanie by her IG handle @MelintheAttic. You will definitely recognize her work, especially her quilt Flounce, which took 1st Place in the Modern Traditionalism category at QuiltCon 2016!

Photo courtesy of Melanie Tuazon

Melanie will share the story of her quilting life, from a time when she had disdain for anything “crafty” to her career as a quilt designer, teacher, and ribbon-winner. She will talk about her mental and aesthetic approach to quilting, as well as major milestones, including showing quilts at Quiltcon 2015 and 2016, designing samples for Cloud9 Fabrics, and publishing patterns in magazines. 
You do not want to miss this meeting!

As time permits, we will also be:

- sharing the results of our monogram/logo challenge

- show and share, and

- the destash raffle.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Pieceful Quilting on Tuesday, May 17th!

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