Wednesday, May 25, 2016

may meeting recap.

Hi, everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful, warm (sunny!) weather! We had a great May meeting with guest speaker Melanie Tuazon.

If you weren't able to join us, here's what you missed:

Melanie shared her quilting journey with us -- from her very first quilt to her stunning award winners. She encouraged us to be AWESOME by going for it and not letting our fears get in the way of trying new things and making great quilts.

Melanie gave us a slide show that told us about her personal story and shared all of the quilts that she's made over the years -- including the ones she no longer has in her possession because they were gifted to others. Following the slideshow, she gave us a trunk show, which you can see pics from below.

[Sorry for the angle on the photos, they don't necessarily do her quilts justice (but that's all the more reason to go and check out her website!)].

Melanie's version of Carolyn Friedlander's "Aerial":

Her very first quilt:

East-West Quilt, a pattern she wrote for Cloud9, which can be found on the Cloud9 website:

Her family's christmas quilt:

A quilt she made for her husband with lyrics from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

(and the back -- we all loved the backing fabric!)

Peek, which hung at Quiltcon 2015:

Green Peek (pattern available on Etsy):

(and the back - a detail shot shows just how much quilting went into this quilt):

First Position, a mini quilt inspired by her ballet bag as a child:

A detail of the back shows the hand quilting:

Momentum, a pattern in QuiltCon Magazine 2016

Rally, February Quilt of the Month for the Modern Quilt Guild

and last but not least, Retro Wave.

Next up, we had show and tell!

Judy shared this gorgeous and LARGE quilt that she made by expanding the pattern:

 And here's a not-so-great shot of her Sturbridge Rail Fence Quilt, but you can see it looking lovely on her blog, here:

Irene shared this cute square-shaped table runner:

Teri shared this finished quilt-top:

And this finished quilt that she made for her son's graduation from college:

And finally, we shared the results from our initial challenge!

Irene's "B" made from her mother's scarves:

 Karen's double wine-bag (with her own initials on it):

 Lorraine's "L", which will grace her sewing room door:

And Carol's cute "C" tote:

Great job, everyone! And a special thanks to Melanie for coming out! Thanks for an enjoyable talk and trunk show!

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